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"I am very happy with the academic tutoring that my 6 & 4 yr old are receiving at this facility. They are very focused on every child's academic progress. All the tutors make learning fun for the kids and keep them engaged and excited to participate. In the matter of weeks my 6 yr old has started multiplication and my 4 yr old has completed kindergarten level phonics. The owner Amena is always there to answer questions and help you with your child's success. I highly recommend The Tutoring Center of Garland!

~UPDATE 5/21/18My now 7 and 5 yr old are in the GIfted and Talented program, I can honestly say Ameena and her wonderful tutors really had a hand in the kiddos academic growth. I am so grateful to them!"
Remy C.
"I’m so glad that I found the Tutoring Center. My son has always been an A-B honor student, but it wasn’t unti he got into the 4th grade that he begin to struggle with Math. In the 5 months that he has attended the Tutoring Center, he has brought his math grade back up to a “B” , and his confindence is soaring through the roof. The tutors are kind and patient and you can tell that they care about the success of each individual child. Thanks Ameena and all the tutors for what you are doing with my son. It means a lot to this parent."
Shea J.
"The Tutoring Center was one of the key factors in my son's high school grade improvement. We came to the center during his freshman year in dire need of help. All of his academics were below an acceptable level. Our initial testing & conference with Amina raised red flags, but she was able to lay out a plan for our son that included 3 days a week of Reading, Writing, & Math. We were also informed that he would be reevaluated after 40 class sessions. So we waited patiently & trusted the process. My son's 40 day evaluation showed that he had improved 3 grade levels in Reading & Writing! We were elated. The improvement even showed at home with how he was more confident working on school assignments. Amina decided to now focus on Math to keep him ahead of the game in Algebra & Geometry. And we've gone from 3 days a week to 2 days a week. We look forward to a retest before the end of 2019. We feel like The Tutoring Center has lived up to our expectations & will always have our loyalty."
LaQuannette Titus
"We have been very happy with the quality here and so glad we enrolled. My son doesn’t throw a fit about coming here 2x a week which tells you how great this system is. They do 20 minute rotations using different tools/methods, so time goes fast for them. I highly recommend them!"
Katherine McClendon
"I started my son & daughter at The Tutoring Center this past summer to keep them academically motivated until school started. My daughter is a Senior this year, and decided to keep going even after summer. She said they are helping her so much in the areas that she has always struggled with in reading. My son, 9 was my biggest worry. He is very smart, but struggles with his emotions due to ADHD/ASD. He does require a lot of patience at times, unfortunately our experience has been less than positive in various classes we have tried over the years. I can honestly say with so much JOY, that the director, Ameena Lakhani, is so loving and patient with him! She even takes the time to text me each week to verify that he will be there, just to insure she has the right tutors scheduled for him. If you are a parent of a child with these struggles, you know how very important, and how hard it is to find instructors like this! My boy is doing so well in school, he was the ONLY child in all the 4th grade classes to make the A Honor roll this semester! How awesome is that????"
Pamala H.
"My wife and I are very happy with the progress our son has made in math. With each session he has gained confidence and understanding of how to work and solve math problems that he was having a difficult time with before starting his sessions at the tutoring center. Our daughter also received instruction in math to prep for her ACT test, and was able bring her math score up in a short of time with sessions at “The Tutoring Center”."
Michael W.
"We have been at the center for 7 months. My daughter was at risk of failing the six week period in Pre-AP Geometry. I saw gradual improvements ever since my daughter began assisting there. She passed the class and on the last six week period she got a 92. The help she got from The Tutoring Center was a big part of this improvement. My daughter has especially great comments about Brandon, one of the tutors. She says that he makes learning fun and was very knowledgeable in geometry. He was always willing to help her work any homework problems that she was unsure about. I also appreciate the fact that they start the session by reading a motivational quote and having a brief conversation about what that means to them. It helps kids see that education does not only have that academic portion but also the individual determination and self-discipline necessary to accomplish any goal. Thank you Garland Tutoring Center for all of your support!"
Samira G.
"My daughter struggled with Algebra during middle school and was not looking forward to retaking it her freshman year in high school. A friend recommended The Tutoring Center and I decided to bring my daughter. The staff is helpful and friendly and Ameena really listens to any concerns and cares for the children's progress. Since coming here, my daughter's confidence when taking tests has improved and her grades are now a high B or A (when before she was lucky to pass with a D). My son also comes here for reading. Although he could read just fine, he was having trouble comprehending what he was reading. The Tutoring Center has helped him improve and he now enjoys reading more. I recommend this tutoring center to anyone that is seeking help with math or reading, so grateful and blessed I found this place!"
Irma S.
"I'm so glad we made the decision to enrolled our 9th and 4th grade kids in the Tutoring Center. It has not only helped them to improve their grades in school, but has giving them the tools to succeed and become more confident on themselves. I have seen them become independent, self learners, and eager to learn new things. It has removed the pressure from being behind in school. I highly recommend this place if your child is having difficulties in his/her academics, or is behind."
Yajaira Trejo
"Highly recommended. Great method of instruction. This company has been in business for 25 years and they’ve perfected tutoring so the kids don’t mind attending and learn what they need to in order to excel."
Cole McClendon
"Best tutoring place. My son improved a lot in a little time. He used to hate learning, but now he wants to stay more in the tutoring center. Staff and teachers are great, I would highly recommend it."
Samah Hamzeh
"I would totally recommend this program. After my 11th grade brother signed up for the program for only 2 months, his grade went up from a B- & C- to all As. The people here are so nice and very passionate about teaching and helping my brother. Not only that they help teaching the content, but they also give emotion support to him. The price is very fair and much cheaper than other programs (ex: KD college). And lastly, this program gives more attention to your child because the classroom size is smaller. Last year, we signed up for the KD College program but it didn't really help bc the size of the classroom is too large (around 30 kids)."
Rim L.
"We really have been enjoying our experience at the Tutoring Center. My 4th grader was having challenges with Reading and losing interest but since he's been attending the center we see improvement and interest again in Reading.  Not only his grades went up but his teachers have noticed improvement in his behavior, he's becoming more independent and a self learner. Now my 9th grader joined recently for the enthusiasm that he saw in his brother. They both come out with a smile on their faces after the tutoring and it's never a struggle to take them."
Yajaira T.
"We have had our kids enrolled here since June 2017. They are here for the enrichment program and my kids have made a lot of progress. The staff is friendly, caring and very helpful. They guide and encourage the kids along the way. I highly recommend this place!"
Wahed M.
"Best one-one coaching for kids. Tutors give personal attention to each child with love which makes the kids want to come back for each of the succeeding sessions. Definitely recommend this institute."
Seema A.
"My son is yared he loved this place they did a amazing job."
Mimi A.
"My 6th grade son is able to complete most of his homework and studying. He never complains about going to the tutor!! He loves the tutors there."
Joanna F.
"My son love going to the tutoring center. I really like it.The staff seems very friendly and eager to help my son succeed."
Tsgereda Z.
"It's been helping my sister move along from were she is at academically, and in future can only hope she comes out great and the staff have been good no problems."
Kevin D.
"Seen unbelievable improvement in my daughters reading!"
Casanova I
"We love it! Everyone is so professional and friendly, and you feel like part of the family. They want the best for your child, and it shows!"
Kerri J.
"My daughter attends the Tutoring Center and we love it. she is learning everyday."
Cassie H.
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
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"This place was a lot different than some of the tutoring places I gone to. Personally, I feel that this center has a staff that genuinely cares for its students. The structure is very one to one based and helps facilitate growth for the student, with personal help and such. Another big thing about this would be the work ethic. Everything is done in class and doesn’t involve any other aspect of life. Or places would follow class and follow homework and would comprise on any other time. The tutoring center is not only involved with the student for academic but also for life. They try their best efforts to provide each and every student with tools that will help them succeed, both in and out of the classroom. Thank you for everything."
Martin, 11th grade
"I like that I can ask the tutors when I have questions on my math for school. Last year math was hard for me. I feel that I know a lot more about math this year compared to last year. Because I now understand more about what my teacher is explaining, other kids in my class ask me to help them on their math."
Madelyn, 6th grade
"What I like about going to The Tutoring Center is that everyone is so polite even when I’m not in my best of moods! I also like learning new things about math that I have a hard time understanding while still having fun."
Kendyll, 10th grade
“I love The Tutoring Center because it’s really fun and we get praised. My favorite part of going to The Tutoring Center is the teachers. They are really nice and fun."
Kristen, 8th grade
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