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Don’t Let Valuable Lessons Go to Waste This Summer

Summer is here which can mean only one thing to a student: summer break filled with nothing but video games and pressing ‘Like’ on every single social media post they can find! While they have certainly earned a break, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has a post below with information on striking a balance between video games and learning.

The Summer Learning Slide

Its name suggests that it’s a fun activity the whole family can enjoy at the local park. However, in reality, it is far from it. The summer learning slide refers to the phenomenon when students who take a large break from their school work begin to lose valuable information, such as math equations or history lessons. While the information may only be small bits, when it comes time for the new school year to start, these students are left using valuable lesson time re-learning old information while trying to keep up with the current class.

How to Prevent It Without Full-Time Summer-School

While full-time summer school can have its benefits, the truth is that your youngster has earned some time off for video games and social media to help them relax and to bring some fun back into their lives. Instead, below are some great ways to beat the summer learning slide without full-time classes:
  • A couple of one-to-one tutoring sessions through the week will provide a great balance between fun and professional study assistance.
  • Reviewing notes taken throughout the previous school year, especially those which presented a significant challenge, is a great way to bolster memory.
  • Giving your youngster short pop-quizzes on a particular subject on the way to the store is a great way to spend travel time and can even include a reward if answered correctly, such as a treat from the candy aisle or even choosing dinner for the night.

Tutoring in Garland, TX During Summer Works!

If your youngster struggled with a particular class or you want to help them keep a learning routine, speak with The Tutoring Center, Garland TX at (972) 200-7877. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment and to learn more about how tutoring in Garland, TX can work for your student.


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