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Benefits of Broadening Your Child's Reading Material

A previous post shared information on how you could encourage your child to enjoy reading with a picnic. The main point of this activity was for the student to choose the material. While there is no denying the strength of a student's textbooks, the benefits a student can gain from reading stories and novels should not be overlooked. The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has some related information to share.

Self Expression

How we speak is heavily influenced by the material which we read. For students who read textbooks solely, their language and sentence structure skills can become limited. By including stories and enjoyable novels in their reading rotation, students can gain a broader understanding of how sentence structure can define a sentence, thought, or expression. By understanding how to present their words better, these students can provide better answers on their exams, in their assessments, and throughout their personal and daily life.


If you consider the number of essays, exams, and applications an assessor or college interviewer views, you can see how quickly one response would blur into the next. This is caused by students' limited vocabulary, leaving them to sound like everybody else. A catching essay or application is one which includes a broader set of words and descriptions, which can provide the reader with something robust and substantial to assess. By reading a wider range of books, students are given access to an unlimited vocabulary in a multitude of uses and contexts.

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