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Better Notes for Better Study

It is important for all students to get the most out of their study periods. However, the effectiveness of their study sessions largely depends on the quality of their notes. To help your child improve the notes they take, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has some tips below which can help.
  • Shopping list. To take good notes you need the right tools. Start with a notebook for each class or subject, a pen which offers multiple colors, colored highlighters, a regular pencil, and a ruler. The different colored pen and highlighters will make it easier to identify and categorize your notes.
  • Focus. It is easy to become distracted during a lesson and miss an important detail. Do your best to prevent distractions; such as sitting closer to the teacher or leaving your cell phone at home.
  • Details Only. If you have a hard time keeping up, focus on the details such as dates, names, landmarks, events, etc. If you can get the fundamentals, if can make it easier to find further information later.
  • Readability. There is no point scribbling a note if you can't read it later. There are two ideas for this point:
    • Slow down your writing and focus on the point above about only focusing on the details.
    • Consider creating your own writing system similar to shorthand. Create common abbreviations and markings to help you take complex notes quickly.
  • Use Your Space. You have a lot of pages in your notebook for a reason. Instead of cramming your notes, leave space between each notes to add comments or additions during your review.
  • Review Your Notes. For memory retention, it is important that you review your notes while the lesson is still in your mind. As soon as you get home from school, take out your notes and review them.
  • Learn From Classmates. Even if you tried your best, there may still be information you missed. It is likely your classmates are in the same position. Connect with a classmate and share your notes to clarify and expand what you've both written.

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