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How to Curb a Distracted Mind With a Tutoring Learning Center in Garland TX

It's no surprise that once your children leave the front door and head for school their social lives really begin. Between social media and photo sharing websites, it's hard to keep track of what they're doing and who they're chatting with.

Apart from these distractions, however, are a less often thought about social distraction - the social influences throughout the classroom and the entire school itself. Knowing the full impact that these social influences can have on a student's learning, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has some information on just how powerful these influences can be, and how to work around them.

What Are We Talking About?

We're going to start with the word 'cool'. It's a well known and powerful word with students and one that isn't often used to describe their schooling path or learning in general. And this is the very nature of social influence.

Why Does a Student Put Their Hand Up?

During a regular classroom there are two main reasons that a student raises their hand:
  • To ask for further information about a subject they know about
  • To clarify if they have correctly learned the lesson - in other words, to check if they're right or wrong.
With the negative connection between a student actively attempting to learn and the word 'cool', it often dissuades even the most interested of students from putting their hand up. The direct impact that this can have on every student's learning is a drastic reduction in not only their learning progress but their future schooling opportunities due to poor grades by never asking for corrections. While true that, as a parent, there isn't a great deal that you can do to change the social behavior of not only your child but other children at their school, there are ways for you to provide your child with an environment free of this pressure. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Garland TX at (972) 200-7877 and ask about the social free environment that we have created at our tutoring learning center in Garland TX. With an environment that is not only free of these influences, but has absolutely no connection with their school's social influences at all, students feel comfortable not only raising their hand to ask for clarification but keeping it raised until they feel comfortable that they have a complete understanding of each individual lesson they attend.

Who Are They Trying to Impress?

Complementing this challenge is the question of who your child is trying to impress. While most parents are quick to suggest that their child wants to impress their friends, it's often those who aren't their friends who provide the main challenge. Whether it's a student who your child wants to be friends with, or simply if your child wants to increase the opinion that a 'cool kid' at school has on them, it is this need to impress that can often prevent a student who genuinely wants to learn being distracted from their learning path in an attempt to raise what they see as their 'social standing' throughout the school. While as adults we are very well aware that social standing throughout the schooling years has no impact, especially not positive, on our grades or future learning and employment opportunities, the lesson can often be hard to impress upon students and children who are currently spending a large amount of time in these environments.

Tackle Social Influences Head on With a Dedicated Tutoring Learning Center in Garland TX

Similar to our point mentioned above, when your child is enrolled in tutoring classes in Garland TX they are taught in an environment completely free of these social influences. However, tutoring classes in Garland TX go one step further by helping to realign a child's understanding of what being considered as 'cool' is during their regular schooling, along with educating and displaying a direct link between what ignoring these influences can have on their future prospects. If you feel that your student is too distracted during their regular schooling hours and that distraction is taking a toll on their learning progression, you aren't alone. As social influences increase, a number of concerned parents just like yourself are looking at external ways for their child to learn. Well versed in the impacts that social influences can have on a learning path, speak with The Tutoring Center, Garland TX at (972) 200-7877 and ask about the social influence free learning spaces available through tutoring in Garland TX at The Tutoring Center, Garland TX.


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