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How Your Child Can Benefit from Back-to-School Tutoring

Along with new teachers to meet and friends to make, the new school year brings with it more complex classes and lessons which, for students who ignored their homework and notebooks during the summer break, pose a particular challenge which can see them fall behind before the first semester has finished. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Garland TX on how tutoring can help.

Recover from the Summer Learning Slide

The summer learning slide is real and it can affect children like yours more than you would expect. When students don’t spend any of their vacation time studying or even just reviewing their notes, they can lose valuable information. Whether it’s a math lesson here or a science lesson there, it causes a big problem when the new school year starts. The challenge faced by students in this position is that their new teacher is ready to start teaching more complex lessons which build on the previous year’s classes, however, they are still struggling to remember the foundational lessons of the previous year. As you can imagine, this can lead children, just like yours, to fall behind in their class before they have even had a chance to learned the names of their new classmates. Back-to-school tutoring helps students to combat the effects of the summer break by filling in any learning gaps and helping students make the transition to their new lessons. Additionally, attending these tutoring sessions also allows your child to ask questions about their new lessons without the limitation of the teacher’s available time or need to compete with other students to ask their questions. Not only does this help students get up to speed with their classmates, but it can also result in your child being ahead of their classmate and in a better position to achieve higher grades.

Tutoring Can Help Your Student Start the New Year on a Good Note

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