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Could Your Student Benefit From Using a Tablet for Their Studying?

Whether you're online shopping from your bed during your day off from work, making sure that your roster for your fantasy football team is tight and set, or are listening to cooking instructions as you prepare a meal, tablet...

How to Prepare Your Student to Head Back to School

While students and parents may like to think that the summer vacation period will last forever, unfortunately, it doesn’t. While its temporary nature makes you appreciate it even more, as summer starts to wind down it’s time to think about...

Don't Let Your Student's Brain Turn to Mush This Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here! For your student, it means doing absolutely no school work and just spending time with their friends! Of course, all parents know this isn’t a good idea, but are also unsure of how they can help. If this...

Give Your Student a Head Start Next School Year

It is a common perception that because all students work hard during the school year, they deserve a break from all of their studies. While the first part is true in that students have worked hard, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has a post to share...

Poor Time Management Skills Can Ruin a Report Card

If it was to happen once, then you could chalk it up to a simple mistake. If it happens a second time, it’s worth keeping the thought in the back of your mind. Of course, if a third time rolls around where your student is rushing to complete an...

Benefits of Broadening Your Child's Reading Material

A previous post shared information on how you could encourage your child to enjoy reading with a picnic. The main point of this activity was for the student to choose the material. While there is no denying the strength of a student's...

Show Your Child Just How Enjoyable Reading Is

Helping a child to see the enjoyment and benefits of reading is often considered by parents to be an impossible task. Despite knowing just how important the skill is and how much it can shape future opportunities, parents struggle to deliver these...

How a Simple Learning Tool Can Have a Great Impact on Your Child's Grades

They are one of the most common study tools suggested when you are researching ways to help your student study at home. However, given their simplicity, they are often discarded as not being worthwhile. However, with...
Notes can have a bigger impact on your student life than you know. After all, it is through them that you practice your lessons, reinforce your knowledge, and get ready for your exams. This is why it's crucial that you take good notes in class. For a few tips on how to achieve just that, continue...
When most parents think about their child's study time, it usually involves their child reading and revising information by themselves in a quiet space. And while this environment can have a positive impact on their grades, the benefits of a study group should not be overlooked.

How Your Child...


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