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Creating a Study Space at Home

Each time that a student sits down to study, the successfulness of their session depends largely on the environment they are studying in. If your youngster reads their notes in the kitchen while you prepare dinner or they complete their homework while looking out to see their siblings playing then below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Garland TX to help you create a more learning-conducive study space.

Distractions? No, Thanks!

What is happening on TV, the light flickering on the window shades, and even your vacuuming can be distractions which can quickly steal your student’s attention away from their studies. For this reason, look for a space around your home where there are little to no distractions. Remember that the study space is temporary, so you don’t need a permanent space. This means that setting up a desk and a chair on the back decking and designating a no-go zone for a few hours a day or cornering off a rarely foot trafficked area of your home for the sessions can work wonders!

What Will They Need?

If you have ever tried exercise then you know that the last thing you want to do is stop and leave the area to get water. Why? Because chances are that you won't return. The same applies to your student’s study sessions. If they have to leave their study area for any reason then it heavily impacts their study momentum. This means that when they return with a glass of water or colored markers, they need to re-read information and then get back up-to-speed. Before each study session, consider what they will need, whether this is markers, pencils, measuring tools, a printer, etc, and be sure it’s all easily accessible.

Lighting Matters

Once you have a quiet space filled with everything your youngster will need, it’s time to think about lighting. Natural lighting will always be the best option, however, flooding a space with light won���t necessarily work. Whether it’s buying a basic portable desk lamp or installing curtains or shutters to adjust the light, look for ways to light the space well. If the lighting in the space is too low then it can cause your child to feel weary and almost encourage them to take a nap, while bright lighting can cause sore eyes and make it hard to concentrate on the text.

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