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Providing Math Help to Your Child at Home

As parents we all want our child to get great grades at school, but for many children today, math represents a big challenge. The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has put together a few ways for you to give your child math help at home and help them reach their potential.

Keep It Creative

Instead of asking them questions like 'what is 2 x 2', provide them with pieces of fruit or silly items from around the home for them to use and complete the math problem. As your child's knowledge grows, use smaller items such as rise or pasta to make it more complicated.

Learn the Basics with Songs

If you find that your child struggles with the basics, try using a song or melody to help. Find your child's favourite song or music program and use the tunes to make lyrical instructions to complete basic level equations. As your child progresses, help them to create their own memory based tunes.

Encourage Your Child to Learn

One of the things that can help your child learn is positive reinforcement. Even when completing basic equations, if it has been a challenge, then show your child your pride in sticking with and completing a challenge. As this grows, you can expand some rewards to small treats or similar.

Practice Makes Perfect

The old saying that practice makes perfect is very true - so practice, practice, practice! If you are preparing your family budget, ask them to help by completing basic equations and fractions. Additionally, if you are your children are out shopping, ask them to calculate the difference between various products of differing consistencies.

Tutoring in Garland TX

Helping your children understand the importance of math and giving them an advantage can be a struggle, but it doesn't have to be. Speak with a learning professional at The Learning Center, Garland TX on (972) 200-7877 about how our one-to-one instruction in Garland TX can be a great complement to your child's learning path.


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