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Group Study Sessions - Not Just a Social Gathering

It can be an easy assumption for a parent that a group study session is nothing more than a social catch up. And while this can still be the case, if facilitated correctly, a group study session can benefit all students involved. Below is some information from The Tutoring Center, Garland TX on the topic.

An Easy Misperception

If you can remember a time at your work when your boss gave you and your colleagues the same instructions, only you or one of your colleagues misunderstood and turned in work which wasn’t at all what your boss wanted, then you know how bad the situation can turn out. Now, transfer that to your child’s classroom where your youngster hears a lesson slightly differently to the rest of their class and spends their valuable homework time on completing their assignment, only to turn it in and realize that they had wasted their time. What is even worse is that they will likely receive a low or even a failing grade as a result! A group study session gives students the opportunity to discuss with each other their perceptions of the instructions and realign any misunderstandings they may have. At the end of each session, all students involved leave with a consistent and correct understanding of what’s required for the task ahead.

1870, Scribble, Scribble, Scribble...Or Was It 1880...?

Despite how often they are told, students always seem to try to write or type everything the teacher or lecturer says. This often results in students trying to remember and write down what was said three sentences ago while also trying to listen to what is being said at the moment. As you can likely guess, this results in nothing more than incomplete and incorrect notes being used by your youngster when it comes time to study. During a group study session, however, students are encouraged to openly share their notes between study participants, with one student helping fill in your student’s blanks, while your youngster’s notes help to give context to another student who also tried to write everything down. After each session, all students involved leave with a full set of solid notes to study from.

Tutoring Works!

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