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Show Your Child Just How Enjoyable Reading Is

Helping a child to see the enjoyment and benefits of reading is often considered by parents to be an impossible task. Despite knowing just how important the skill is and how much it can shape future opportunities, parents struggle to deliver these messages in a way their child will accept. If you are looking for a new and enjoyable way to help your child enjoy reading, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has an idea which can help. It’s called a ‘Reading Picnic,' and below is information on how it works. The key to a good reading picnic is to let your child choose the book which you will both read. While it can seem counterintuitive to allow them to choose a fantasy novel or even a group of teenager-oriented short stories, the important aspect is to help them associate reading with material that isn't a textbook. Once they have chosen a book, get yourself two copies, one for you and one for your student. Choosing where to host your picnic can be difficult as you are likely used to searching for places with lots of stimulation or activities to keep your children entertained. However, in the case of a reading picnic, try to find the opposite. Look for somewhere which you can read quietly and without being distracted. When it comes time to pack for your picnic, choose food which will power your brains, such as healthy sandwiches, fruit, water, and juice. Also, pack a few small candy or chocolate treats which you will use during your day. One of the best ways to show children that reading can be fun is by making it an interactive activity. After you have each read the first chapter, stop to take a break and talk about where you think the story is going. Even if you aren't enjoying the story so far, keep your excitement levels up to match that of your child. As you both continue to read, take more breaks after every two or three chapters to reassess your predictions about the stories or the characters, and even create voices for your favorite characters. Once you are sure where the story is going, make little bets using the treats as rewards. This can seem like a fun activity with no real academic merit. However, creating a correlation between fun and excitement with reading is something which will transfer into their educational path, helping them to feel more interested in general reading, including their textbooks.

Increase Your Child's Reading Proficiency with Tutoring

A reading picnic is a great activity to help your child see the joy of reading. If you notice they struggle with particular words or understanding any context in the stories, they could benefit from reading tutoring. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Garland TX at (972) 200-7877 and book your free consultation where a trained learning professional can tell you more about how tutoring can help your child improve their reading levels.


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