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Does your child have self-directed playtime? Play is a vital part of every child’s development. Encouraging your child to have some self-directed playtime will allow them to enjoy many amazing benefits. Some of these benefits include improving their self-confidence, boosting their imagination, and becoming more responsible. If you are interested in learning more about self-directed play, read this article that The Tutoring Center, Garland, TX, has for you.

What Is Self-Directed Play?

Self-directed play means letting children have the freedom to choose how they are going to play and with what. Letting children be free when playing allows them to let their imagination run wild and come up with new and interesting ideas.


How does self-directed play help children improve their self-confidence? Well, by allowing children to set their own rules and play in their own unique way, they allow their curiosity and their imagination to be expressed. By being able to express and play freely, children get a feeling of accomplishment and they learn that they are capable of great things. Self-directed play allows children to gain confidence in their own abilities.

It Lowers Stress

More and more, the number of children that experience high levels of stress, increases. Many children worry about school and their academic life and, in addition, they are enrolled in many after school activities. It's vital that along with all their responsibilities, children are given the space to relax and unwind. Self-directed play is the perfect activity to let your child relax, learn, and play at their own rhythm.

Loving School

Does your child have trouble enjoying school? Many children have a difficult time at school or find it difficult to understand different types of learning. Self-directed play, as it allows children to have a new and relaxed learning experience, helps children gain a new perspective on learning which often translates to other parts of their lives. Self-directed play helps many children enjoy school or school-related matters with more ease.

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