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Tips to Help You Get Your Child out of Bed

With the new school year starting, many parents can find it difficult to get their children out of bed early in the morning and on the school bus in time for school. If this sounds like a challenge you are facing, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Garland TX which can help.

Move Their Alarm

It’s easy to just roll over and wave your hand in the air enough times until you eventually switch off your alarm. However, what isn’t easy is to wake up, roll over, and then actually get out of bed just to switch off the beeping alarm. Consider moving their alarm to the other side of the room or even to their bedroom door. With this tip, your student is likely to stay out of bed as they have already left its warm comfort to switch off their alarm.

Encourage Them With Breakfast

Of course, once they are up, keep them up by agreeing to cook them their favorite breakfast. However, it isn’t as easy as this! Set a time at which you will leave the kitchen and if they can make it to you before that time, you agree to cook their favorite breakfast food.

Discourage Napping

Many children struggle to get out of bed in the morning because they found it difficult to drift off to sleep the night before. This is particularly true for children who nap after returning home from a hard day at school. Instead of allowing napping, encourage your child to help you prepare dinner or find them a fun activity which can keep their brains and their bodies awake until their nightly bedtime.

Enroll Your Student in Tutoring to Boost Their Grades

If your student could use some homework help or they are just trying to raise a B to an A+, tutoring can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Garland TX today by calling (972) 200-7877 and learn more about how subject focused one-to-one tutoring sessions can not only help improve your child’s grades but also their self-esteem.


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