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The summer learning slide can cause engaged and conscientious students to return to school next year unprepared for the lessons ahead. To help you understand more, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has a post to share, below.

What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

School is a great environment for learning. Not only because classes take place there, but also because the space is designed to encourage learning and promote knowledge, with a range of activities occurring to help keep every brain active, engaged, and learning. However, once students are removed from this environment during their summer break, their brain begins to stop learning and even forget important lessons and information. This causes students to spend precious class time relearning information while their classmates continue ahead without them.

Preventing Learning Loss

After reading the above it can be easy to think that full-time summer school is the answer. However, it’s important to remember that students have been in school all year and they not only deserve a break, but their brain also needs one. The key is to find a balance between learning and vacation, such as:
  • Consider enrolling your student in one-to-one Tutoring a couple of times a week to keep their knowledge current and overcome any learning challenges.
  • Encourage your children to complete quizzes during summer road trips or while you complete your errands.
  • Reviewing their notebook alongside them can be a great way to keep their information where it should be.

Additional Help with Tutoring

If your child struggles with a particular subject during the previous year or you are concerned about them falling behind before the new year starts, Tutoring can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Garland TX by calling (972) 200-7877 and speak with a friendly teaching professional about the benefits of Tutoring.


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