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Don't Let Your Student's Brain Turn to Mush This Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here! For your student, it means doing absolutely no school work and just spending time with their friends! Of course, all parents know this isn’t a good idea, but are also unsure of how they can help. If this sounds like you, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has a great and simple tool to share with you. Flashcards have been around for years. In fact, you likely remember using them when you were studying. While there have been many new learning tools and techniques that have come and gone, flashcards have remained a staple when it comes to easy and productive study methods. This for is for one very powerful reason - they work! The biggest challenge for parents often comes in the form of creating them. Not the act of cutting out cards, of course, but what to write on them. However, the information is closer than you think, it's inside your student’s notebook. With your student, sit down and look through their notes for each subject. While you may not be able to understand much of what they have written, you will be able to identify the following:
  • Scribbled notes
  • Written, crossed out, drawn on, and then rewritten notes
  • Incomplete notes
  • Notes that look like another student wrote them
These can be strong indicators that the lesson posed a particular challenge for your student or that they weren’t able to understand it very much at all. With your student, use these notes to create your flashcards. When writing the prompts that you will ask, be sure to keep them clear and concise. Too much information can be confusing; the idea of flashcards is to present clear questions to receive a fast response. Once created, make a few copies and keep them in your home, car, and even your bag. Each time that you are stuck at a red light, your student wants you to make them a snack, or they seem conspicuously quiet, take out a card and give their brain a boost!

Summer Tutoring in Garland TX Can Help

Flashcards are a great simple tool that each parent can use over the summer break to keep their child’s mind active. In addition to these lessons, a comfortable mix of one-to-one summer tutoring in Garland TX is the best way to keep your child’s brain learning outside of school. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Garland TX at (972) 200-7877 to learn more about how tutoring in Garland TX can help your student maintain their learning progress over the summer break.


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