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Boost the Quality of Your Student's Notebook

Students rely on the notes they take in class and the accompanying information their teachers provide to them. However, as the school year marches on, it can be easy for these notebooks to look nothing short of something from an Indiana Jones movie. If...

Fun Learning Activites for the Whole Family

The sun has a way of bringing out your child’s most vibrant personality traits! Whether it’s getting excited about going outside to play or simply to head to the park to read, the warm weather is a great motivator! The cold weather, however, can seem...

Indicators That Your Child Needs a Math Tutor

Tutoring isn't reserved for students who are struggling, it can be a useful asset for just about any student of any grade level. However, it's also important to recognize when your child is having too hard of a time with their assignments and may need...

Steps for Effective Test Taking

Despite their importance and the ability to show the world their knowledge in a subject, the majority of students don’t look forward to sitting an exam. The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has some tips to help your student to not only prepare and to sit an exam, but...

Mathematics Memory

The challenge with making learning math at school fun is that it simply isn’t realistic. You can’t expect a teacher to teach all of their lessons via games and fun activities. If just isn’t a good use of the teacher's time. It is a good use of your time, however, and The...

Could Your Student Benefit From Using a Tablet for Their Studying?

Whether you're online shopping from your bed during your day off from work, making sure that your roster for your fantasy football team is tight and set, or are listening to cooking instructions as you prepare a meal, tablet...

How to Prepare Your Student to Head Back to School

While students and parents may like to think that the summer vacation period will last forever, unfortunately, it doesn’t. While its temporary nature makes you appreciate it even more, as summer starts to wind down it’s time to think about...

Don't Let Your Student's Brain Turn to Mush This Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here! For your student, it means doing absolutely no school work and just spending time with their friends! Of course, all parents know this isn’t a good idea, but are also unsure of how they can help. If this...


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