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Helping Your Child to Reach Their Goals

This time of the school year is the perfect time for parents to check in with their children to make sure they’re on track to reach their goals. If you are about to have this conversation with your student, below is an article from The Tutoring Center,...

Don't Waste Your Precious Parent-Teacher Time

The new school year has begun and your child has settled in and learned about what is coming up in the year ahead and learned about their new teacher. Soon, parents will have a similar opportunity. The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has prepared the...

How Your Child Can Benefit from Back-to-School Tutoring

Along with new teachers to meet and friends to make, the new school year brings with it more complex classes and lessons which, for students who ignored their homework and notebooks during the summer break, pose a particular challenge...

Tips to Help You Get Your Child out of Bed

With the new school year starting, many parents can find it difficult to get their children out of bed early in the morning and on the school bus in time for school. If this sounds like a challenge you are facing, below are some tips from The Tutoring...

Mix the Sunshine and Writing

Summer is the perfect time for students to get out and enjoy the summer sun! The sun-filled period is also a great opportunity to further their learning and prepare them for the year ahead. But who said that they can’t do both at the same time? Below is a great...

Learning to Change Perspective

Ameena Lakhani, ​Head Instructor
The Tutoring Center-- Garland, TX

Whether you’re working with students who feel below or above average in the classroom, the most pervasive threat to their future success is the idea that their intelligence and ability, in school and...

Don’t Let Valuable Lessons Go to Waste This Summer

Summer is here which can mean only one thing to a student: summer break filled with nothing but video games and pressing ‘Like’ on every single social media post they can find! While they have certainly earned a break, The Tutoring Center,...

Group Study Sessions - Not Just a Social Gathering

It can be an easy assumption for a parent that a group study session is nothing more than a social catch up. And while this can still be the case, if facilitated correctly, a group study session can benefit all students involved. Below is some...

How Students Benefit from One-to-One Tutoring

No, you aren’t going crazy and your student isn’t unpopular. The reason why their friends aren’t available to hang-out is because their parents have discovered the benefits of one-to-one tutoring and are helping their youngster get an educational...

Creating a Study Space at Home

Each time that a student sits down to study, the successfulness of their session depends largely on the environment they are studying in. If your youngster reads their notes in the kitchen while you prepare dinner or they complete their homework while looking out to...


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