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Feelings can be a challenging topic to talk about with children but is also incredibly important. Helping your child understand what they feel and the reasons for their behavior can develop their emotional skills and improve many areas of their life. If you want to know more about the topic,...

It’s normal to feel stressed from time to time, especially being a student. But when stress starts becoming an everyday problem, things can get dangerous. Burnout is more than just day-to-day stress; it can negatively impact your life and school performance. If you want to know more and learn...

Code is the language used to communicate with computers. Learning how to code helps to develop problem-solving skills and improves rational and logical thinking. For a child, coding can be a great tool to understand the technological world we live in. Learn more in this article by The Tutoring...

Using Teachers Notes as a Teaching Platform

Aside from your child’s grades, the notes written by their teachers provide a wealth of information about the previous year’s challenges and tips for preparing for the next. To help you learn more, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has prepared a post to...

The summer learning slide can cause engaged and conscientious students to return to school next year unprepared for the lessons ahead. To help you understand more, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has a post to share, below.

What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

School is a great environment for...

Showing Your Children the Importance of Math

All parents know that, despite how much their children are adamant that their math lessons will never be relevant once they leave school, math will not only be useful, but they will come to rely on it every day. If this sounds familiar, The Tutoring...

Tips for Reading Lessons at Home

If a student’s reading proficiency isn’t high then it can affect their ability to both achieve high grades and undertake academic opportunities. If you are interested in helping your student improve their reading proficiency at home, The Tutoring Center, Garland...

Keep Your Child’s Brain Working During Your Spring Clean

For students, spring means vacation. For parents, it means a spring clean. Below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Garland TX which can help you to make this year’s spring clean an educational one.

Start with Your Plan

In years past,...

Keep Your Children's Brains Active During Spring Break

If you will be enlisting the help of your children for your spring cleaning, below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Garland TX about how you can make the activity an educational one.

It All Starts With Your Plan

More often than not,...

Does Your Child Need Help to Improve Their Grades?

If your child’s first report card has arrived and it shows grades lower than you know your child is capable of achieving, The Tutoring Center, Garland TX has prepared a post which can help.

How You React Matters

All parents associate low grades...


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